42 Photo Groups for Awesome Abandonments From The WebUrbanist

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Abandoned 16th Street Train Station, Oakland, Ca

42 Photo Groups for Awesome Abandonments | WebUrbanist

The WebUrbanist has a great run down on 42 different groups devoted to abandoned imagery on Flickr. I’ve long loved photography focused on abandonment and plan to check a lot of these groups out in the next few days or so.

To complement the WebUrbanists 42 Flickr Groups devoted to abandoned imagery post, I thought I post 42 great abandoned imagery sets worth checking out on Flickr:

1. Patrick Austin’s Detroit UrbEx Portfolio
2. est0al’s Conti set
3. Shadowplay’s Bus and Auto Graveyard set
4. Troy Paiva’s High Desert Nights set
5. Troy Paiva’s The Somethingest Set
6. 4Pizon’s In the Night Set
7. Troy Paiva’s Abandoned SFO
8. wacky doodler’s the david broderick tower – detroit set
9. Andy Frazer’s Night Photos 2007 set
10. aqui-ali’s Tag Cathedral set
11. TunnelBug’s Abandoned collection
12. kpe II’s lonesome set
13. Sweet Juniper’s Detroit Public Schools Book Depository Warehouse set
14. Jeremy Brooks Light Painting Set
15. Jesse Speelman’s Roosevelt Warehouse set
16. Derek Farr’s Detroit Ruins Set
17. Ole Begemann’s Beelitz Heilstätten set
18. el_rebelde’s the oreo factory set
19. Claudine’s Public Health Service Hospital set
20. Aaron Siladi’s UA Galaxy set
21. Todd Shaak’s Beautifully Decayed & Neglected Set
22. Ride My Pony’s Whitby Psych set
23. Amy Heiden’s Hunter’s Point set
24. _Drugo’s Pratozanino Psychiatric set
25. • Deeva •’s Atrophy Collection
26. th3g’s light painted set
27. Alex // Berlin (Back in Madrid)’s Abandoned Places
28. mobilohm’s passé décomposé / the sky’s gone out set
29. h-e-d’s Urban Exploration set
30. ec808x’s Abandoned/Decay/Industrial set
31. bonedad’s Ghost Towns of Alberta
32. zanyflash’s Industrial Area Leipzig-Eutritzsch set
33. Telstar Logistics’ Modern Military Ruins of San Francisco
34. doofusdave’s Deer Lake Drive-In set
35. deatonstreet’s Modern Ruins set
36. tomarus’ Urban Exploration set
37. Visual Distress’ Abandoned but not Lost collection
38. : : deNNis gErbECkx : :’s Beelitz Heilstätten set
39. DanielKHC’s Urban Decay set
40. ~EvidencE~’s Industrial Decay Spotlight
41. helveticaneue’s pennhurst – assembly building
42. stepeg’s The Other Side of Decadence set

Update: I put together a small set of my own of abandoned photography here.

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  1. EvidencE says:

    thanks for the mention

  2. EvidencE says:

    thanks for the mention


  3. MikeB says:

    Thomas, I love urban photography do thanks for the links! Here is one of my favorites.


  4. Andy Frazer says:


    Thanks for the link to some of my night photography of abandoned sites. Your list is a gold-mine of great photographs. It’s going to take me a days to dig through it all.


    Andy Frazer

  5. Mark says:

    Thomas, thanks for that awesome list. I’ve always thought abandonment photography was cool, but I didn’t realize how necessary they are. It occurred to me, after I looked through a few streams of Detroit, that these old, cool buildings need to get photographed for historical purposes. I reference Scott Bourne’s post about Icons on TWiP. I believe this also applies to buildings. Until today, I hadn’t even considered that.

  6. Great list. Thanks for including me in there. 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

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