10 Zen Monkeys: Thomas Hawk Versus Rent-a-Cops

Thomas Hawk Versus Rent-a-Cops – 10 Zen Monkeys

And a conversation about the article on FriendFeed here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen discussion of the article in a few other places I watch as well. It’s really getting widespread attention.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been reading Thomas’s blog for quite a while now and the scenario is usually pretty similar: Thomas is approached by someone who is just trying to do his job or is uncomfortable with what Thomas is doing. Instead of listening and responding to their sensitivities, Thomas acts like an ass and the situation escalates out of control. Thomas may be perfectly correct about his rights in these situations, but in my opinion, it’s his own behavior that leads to the unpleasant outcomes.

  3. JeffH says:

    I just took a trip over to the DPReview.com forum mentioned above. It appears that the people posting over there are the most uniformed loud mouths I’ve ever seen!! They make the comments over on Digg seem tame. I only saw ONE post in that entire thread that made any sense, the person basically summarized Thomas’s account of the incident. The rest of the posters clearly had not read TH’s blog posts and had absolutely no information about the incident and generally had idea what they were talking about. Incredible!! Now I know why I stay away for the DPReview forums…

  4. Sean Gentry says:

    It is pretty funny how many people have chimed in on this and have absolutely no grasp of the facts. I find that is usually the case with anyone taking the museum’s side.

    The biggest misconception being, of course, that Hawk was somehow breaking the rules.

    Most people don’t seem to understand the civil liberties involved in this case.

    Unfortunately, there are those who DO see the civil liberties involved, and still think Hawk was wrong. They, of course, would have us blindly accept restrictions and rules developed at whim by over-zealous employees.

    Another common misconception is that Blint was somehow just an everyday person, some sort of security guard or whatever. It is important to note his position, as that is relevant to the discussion.

    I kind of chuckle at those who suggest Hawk should have talked to Blint’s supervisor. Um, who is the supervisor of the Director of Visitor Relations? Seriously, when you’re being harassed by the boss, it’s hard to call the boss to help out.

    A whole sub section of Hawk bashing has sprung up around this event, which is a shame because so many photographers don’t seem to feel their rights need protecting.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had enough of this. You just lost a fan of your site TH. I’m so sick of this situation and how it constantly rears it’s ugly head. Stop being such a dick about things and maybe you won’t be treated so poorly. Deleting you from my favorites *now*.