Weeds, the Show’s Music, Xavier Rudd, and the Legalization of Marijuana for the State of California


I heard Xavier Rudd recently from the Showtime television series Weeds. Weeds has some pretty great music. They have a page set up where you can hear most of the music from their TV series here.

I just finished watching the third season of Weeds on the old Netflixy. It’s a pretty great series. The television coming out of HBO and Showtime these days is so vastly superior to all the crap that the networks are pumping out.

Also, speaking of Weeds, or more specifically speaking of legalizing marijuana, check out this post over at LAist. It looks like a serious attempt is being made at putting a proposition on the ballet to legalize marijuana in the state of California. You can follow a conversation about this proposed proposition over at FriendFeed.

Anyways, I really like Xavier Rudd and like this song even more than the one that they chose to use for the Weeds episode. It’s called Choices. I’m also uploading this mp3 to test out the new mp3 playback feature on FriendFeed. Choices.mp3

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  1. mike3k says:

    Weeds is still my favorite show. I always get a kick seeing everyone use Macs, and Nancy’s car is exactly the same as mine.

    I miss “Little Boxes” this season. I especially liked the Ozomatli & Angelique Kidjo versions.

  2. Mrsth says:

    Honey, I don’t ” hate” all of them.” Some are better than others. I don’t like the hillbilly versions & I hate that i can’t sleep when the song is stuck in my head.:-x

  3. JeffH says:

    Thomas, thanks for turning me on to the Weed’s soundtrack! I just finished listening to all of the songs posted for Season 1 and am now working on Season 2. The music is excellent, very enjoyable to listen to. I had not heard of the show ‘Weeds’ before your post and still do not really know what the show is about, (but I can sort of guess based on the title). I’ll be adding the show to my ReplayTV tonight. If the show is as good as the music, I’m sure I will enjoy it.

  4. Dawn says:

    What song is on the sound track by Xavier Rudd?