Two Photographers Shot While Photographing a House Fire

WISH TV 8: Indianapolis News and Weather – One arrest in photographers' shooting An alarming report on two photographers who were shot while photographing a house fire in Tacoma.

“”I was just gathering shots around the scene and then all of sudden heard a pop and felt something on my left back. And then the medic behind me, you don’t got to be so jumpy. I said I just got hit by something. And I lifted up my shirt and he said you’re bleeding and were shot by something,” said Hankins.

Both photographers were taken to Methodist Hospital. Hankins has since been released.

The other person was a freelance photographer doing work for a township fire department. He is not severely hurt. Police say he was struck in the arm.”

Police have arrested a suspect in the shooting, 30 year old Derek Matthews. (via Lost Remote).

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  1. boilerfan says:

    In the accuracy dept TH, Tacoma is the name of the street in Indy, not the area.

    Also as the article says the photogs were not the only people fired upon.

    “As firefighters worked to put out the fire, police say someone fired shots at several people. One shot hit a firefighter’s breathing tank.”

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