The Whitney Museum’s No Photograhy Policy Sucks

The Whitney's No Photography Policy Sucks

Looks like New York’s Whitney Museum is trying to build a presence on Flickr — they recently added me as a contact and started a Whitney Museum group. I’m not quite sure what photos they think people will be posting to their group photo pool as they don’t allow photography in their museum — of course I suppose there is always renegade photography at the Whitney.

They want to know what exhibits at the Whitney have influenced my life.

Unfortunately I’ve never gone beyond the Whitney’s lobby. It’s interesting that both their counterparts, the New York MOMA and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art allow photography.

Maybe if the Whitney was a little more open towards photographers, photographers might be more interested in the Whitney.

Hopefully someday the Whitney changes their anti-photography policy and then I can visit and answer this question.

Photography is not a crime.

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  1. I Second That!!1111

  2. Peter Liu says:

    I’ve been escorted out or away from public places by suits with earbuds a few times in my life. You’d think it was a crime.