Stop the Maddness Facebook, Stop the Madness

Facebook, Stop the Madness, My Head is Starting to Hurt

Logged into Facebook this morning after not having logged in there for a long while. My eyes started bleeding. Stop the madness Facebook, stop the madness.

You have to see this one large to see what I’m talking about.

Wait, what’s that you say about a "human pet invitation?" Hold on, I’ll be right back…

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  1. Tom says:

    Wow, nothing says “go away” like hundreds of meaningless application invites.

    Whenever I receive an invite to a new application, I use the “block this application” link… then I never see it again.

  2. Zendad says:

    Oh god that is one of the reasons I loathe facebook. Useless applications and their associated invites. I feel your pain Thomas.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t especially surprising, given that you have 1,054 friends. If you use the tools Facebook has provided, and block applications that send you invites, you’ll find that next time there will be far fewer of these. I follow Tom’s procedure and block each app that sends me an invite unless I’m really interested.

    Still, this is an impressive screenshot.

  4. PG says:

    I feel pretty much the same. Never could see the value in all that junk. I go to facebook once in a while because I have a couple of friends who share photos on facebook (who knows why).

  5. “Whenever I receive an invite to a new application, I use the “block this application” link… then I never see it again.”

    Me too. I’m lucky in that my friends all pretty much use the same four or five apps, so once I blocked those I was free and clear.

  6. Pilotship says:

    This is exactly why I can not sign up for Facebook, MySpace, or any of the others. I have a hard enough time keeping up with Twitter, Pownce, and the rest, which do not even need to be “followed” as much.

  7. DerekL says:

    It’s not Facebooks fault you haven’t logged in.

  8. Todd says:

    How are you liking Facebook as your new email now? I do remember how hopped up you wre about it.

    Seems like there’s plenty of spam in there for you.

  9. Insane Ninja says:

    this is where greasemonkey can come in handy. Theres a few userscripts that will easily block or auto-block invites.

  10. mal says:

    1 Spock invitation? I guess the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.