Sin City

Sin City

Slowly getting some of my Vegas shots from my trip last weekend uploaded.

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  1. Gary Denness says:

    What are the ‘rules’ regards photography in Vegas? I’m off there on my honeymoon in a couple of months and I have been told that a lot of hotels don’t allow you to snap away inside the building. And that casinos are a no-no. What did you find?

  2. JeffH says:

    Wow, I’m really amazed that casino security didn’t give you a hard time for taking photos. I’m guessing that they are significantly better trained than your average downtown SF office building security guard. Many years ago, pre-digital, I was walking though the gaming area of a casino in LV with my SLR over my shoulder. I grabbed it to take a shot and a casino security politely asked me not to take photos there. I asked why and he said they were fine with photos most every where else in the casino, but not in the gaming area. The reason being two fold. They didn’t want photos of the tables and machines, especially the card games, due to the possibility of cheating I suppose, and the other reason is that they didn’t want photos taken of people gambling. I guess some people don’t want their picture taken while gambling & drinking. I can totally understand both of these reasons and think the request was quite reasonable. Other than that I’ve traipsed all over LV with my camera and on several occasions, and have never been as asked not to shoot or even looked at cross eyed by anyone. I’m very glad to hear that you were able to shoot freely within the various casinos you visited. It is good to know that they have not fallen into the ‘Photography is Bad’ mantra that so many private businesses have in recent years.

  3. MrProxy says:

    Great photo!
    Btw I wanted to ask how do you get permission to take this kind of photos? Usually security stops me quickly from taking photos or you take out your camera and take picture so fast that they dont notice it?