Judge Throws the Book at Photographer, Tells Photographer He Needs to Go Visit Arlington Cemetery

It’s finally over … or is it? In an unfortunate turn of events, it looks like Carlos Miller, the Miami photographer and journalist who was arrested last year while photographing police, has been sentenced to one year probation, 100 hours of community service, anger management class and a $540.50 court cost payment.

Interestingly enough, a jury found Miller not guilty of both disobeying a police officer and disorderly conduct. They did find him guilty, however, of resisting arrest without violence.

The prosecutor in the case, Ignacia Vasquez, was asking the the court for 3 months probation, according to Miller, but instead judge Jose L. Fernandez threw the book at him giving him the sentence above.

Apparently the judge also suggested that Miller needed to visit Arlington National cemetery where the “real heroes” who fought for our freedom are buried.

It’s unfortunate that in the United States of America a photographer can be given probation for the crime of photographing the police. If Miller was “not guilty” of disobeying the police, and “not guilty” of disorderly conduct (his two other charges), then he should not have been arrested at all. I don’t really understand how he could have “resisted arrest” without violence. Did he say “no” you can’t arrest me? Was it verbal? Did he go limp and make them carry him away in handcuffs? But whatever the case I’m not sure that it warrants a one year probation sentence along with the rest of the judge’s package.

I’m sorry to hear about this decision Carlos and hope that you appeal an obviously biased judge’s (the you should visit Arlington cemetery to see real heroes quote is over the top) decision.

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  1. Siebbi says:

    If he’s not guilty of committing a crime or anything else why he’s guilty of resisting arrest without violence? If he’s not guilt there’s no need to arrest him and his resist would not even be a delict but even justified!

  2. Gooch says:

    Isn’t Miami where the former Philadelphia Police chief is now working as what else… Chief of Police. Timminey? Famous for burning down a square block during a confrontation with a house full of anarchists. Possibly the Judge want’s to stay on his good side.

    There were demonstrations in Miami where police used questionable tactics and it was all filmed and photographed. Maybe the police have become camera shy,

  3. Anonymous says:

    It´s as easy as that: If a Police Officer arrests you, you can not resist. I´m quite sure that the Photographer is a know troublemaker. He needs a lesson, thats what the anger management class is for. Maybe this should have been enough to start with.

  4. Thomas, didn’t you know that not kowtowing to the police and judges is a major offense in this country?

  5. TranceMist says:

    Idiot judge should be sentenced to one year in a fascist country.

    Oops… wait, maybe he’s in one already, or part of it.