Fred Johnson Interviews Me About My Photography
Shooting with Thomas Hawk from Frederick Johnson on Vimeo.

Fred Johnson
, Senior Marketing Manager for Professional Photography at Adobe who I blogged about on Monday, blogged a short video conversation that we had Friday after lunch while out and about shooting a bit. The video was shot on the Canon G9 point and shoot camera which seems to be on of the most highly regarded point and shoots out there right now.

Fred and I talked a little bit about my own photography routine, my back up strategy (drobos), and some of the ways you might want to think about using Flickr to maximize your exposure on the site.

In the video I told Fred that I shoot between 100 and 500 photographs on an average day. I’m a big believer in shooting every day. One of my goals is to shoot every single day for the rest of my life. On days where I don’t feel like shooting I will still force myself to shoot, even if it’s only for five minutes on that particular day. I think the discipline is good.

A lot of people ask how I find the time to shoot every day. For me, photography is more of a lifestyle than anything. My Canon 5D and bag of lenses goes with me everywhere I go. Because my camera is always with me I’m able to steal little pockets of time every day to shoot. I shoot when I go out for lunch. On my way to the gym in the afternoon. On my way to BART at night. For 5 minutes around the house in the evening or morning. Whenever.

Of course I also schedule specific time for shooting as well, even entire weekends. This next weekend, for instance, I’m going to Las Vegas where I’ll be shooting pretty much non-stop for about 48 hours (with as little sleep as possible). I’ll probably come back with at least 4,000 or so unfinished shots from this coming weekend. That will probably result in 400-600 or so potential shots to finish and process.

Fred also is one of the co-hosts on the popular “This Week in Photography” or TWIP podcast. I’m going to be the guest on this next week’s TWIP podcast and will talk a lot more about my own photography as well as stuff that I’m working on with Zooomr, the new video show, PhotoCycle, that I’m working on with Robert Scoble and Marc Silber and lots of other ideas and projects around digital photography.

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  1. Jake says:

    Vegas, baby!

  2. TranceMist says:

    Excellent interview.

    I can’t believe you’re not using Lightroom yet… I suppose with such a huge library change is painful.

    I’ve been using Aperture and absolutely love it. I think you’ll love Lightroom for the same reasons.

  3. dj paine says:

    MAN!! you have seriously lost some weight since the last time i saw you on video!!
    you should blog about that man.

  4. Carlos says:

    Great interview, let us know how you get on with lightroom, i’ve been keeping at bay too as i’ve already have my workflow process and i’m a bit scared/lazy to learn something new…


  5. Hi Thomas,
    what particular lens are you shooting with during the interview?

  6. Thomas Hawk says:

    Hey, thanks djp. Trying to swim 4 times a week. Declan, the lens is the Canon 50mm f/1.2 L series.

  7. Vajra says:

    I, too, shoot every day. If I stay in, for some reason, I shoot in my backyard, or the kitchen, or an item I love. Anything is fair game.