Flickr Faves Compatibility Index

Flickr Faves Compatibility Index

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Yuvi Sense, who is doing some of the best statistical analysis with APIs on the internet today, has a new post out on something he is calling the Flickr Faves Compatibility Index — it’s awesome for the stats junkie like me.

He got the idea for it from Hutch Carpenter who did a similar project with FriendFeed.

Basically Yuvi’s Flickr Faves Compatibility Index analyzes all of your faves to show you the top 25 people who have faved the same photos as you have. If you’d like to have your faves analyzed be sure to drop Yuvi a line in the comments on his thread post as it looks like he’s willing to do this analysis for others as well.

I’ve also asked Yuvi to look at who the top 100 people are that I’ve faved photos from their stream and who the top 100 people are who have faved my photos. He is going to work on this as well when he’s got some more time.

This is interesting analysis that would be great to see included in Flickr’s default stats section on their site.

By pointing out people on Flickr whose taste is similar to your own, Flickr might better suggest photographers that you’d be interested in following on the site.

I favorite *alot* of photos on Flickr. The screenshot above are the most recent 36 shots I’ve faved on Flickr, but I’ve faved almost 40,000 photos in the 3 and a half years I’ve been active on the site. Mostly I’m getting my faves these days from FriendFeed. You can see all of my favorites on Flickr here.

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  1. marko bon says:

    love this, and saw it from FF. After having spent 1.5 hrs. uploading images to Flickr. It’s a lovely world right now, dang, looking forward to hearing more and digging into compatibility-indexing.