Abandoned SFO International Terminal

Main Gallery

Photo by Troy Paiva

Troy Paiva, who publishes on Flickr as Lost America, has a great recent set up documenting a few shoots that he and Bob Azzaro (4Pizon on Flickr) recently went on inside the old closed SFO International terminal that is scheduled for demolition later this year.

An interesting look at this amazing structure for sure. Troy has a set of images up that you can see here. Bob doesn’t have a set up of the airport shots but you can see his shots by using this search query.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great set, although the terminal is not being demolished! It will be renovated and reopened (probably by 2012) with 14 new gates already partially reserved for Virgin America.


  2. asymtote says:

    Beautiful stuff, especially that poor bird.

    I always thought it was cool that you could see down into the baggage hall from the public part of terminal.

  3. Quikboy says:

    Awesome photos. I love looking at historic architecture.