Time for Chicken, Eat at the Colonel

KFC Subliminal Snackers

Just saw this photo on Flickr that seems to show a dollar bill subliminally hidden inside of the lettuce on a KFC Chicken sandwich. Apparently this is part of an advertising campaign by KFC where you try and find hidden things in their advertisements. Winners get coupons for free KFC sandwiches. Go Snacker!

See if you can see the dollar bill in the lettuce on the chicken sandwich above. If you can’t find it, click through the original Flickr image and see the note on the photo or view large.

A few years back I ran across a friend who had invested in Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises years back. He told me that back in the day they used to buy thousands of 2 second ads from radio stations that simply said “Time for Chicken, eat at the Colonel.” Apparently they’d run them during the lunch hour but had to stop running them at some point because people thought that they were too subliminal.

Personally I’m not a big KFC fan, but I’m not a big fast food fan either. Although I do have to say that those barbecue chicken strips are damn tasty.

See my KFC set on Flickr here.

Thanks, Mediaeater!

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  1. TranceMist says:

    Wah. Don’t promote them.