Photobucket Introduces Group Albums

Photobucket Introduces Group Albums to Make Sharing Simple

TechCrunch has a post out on a new feature by Photobucket which will allow “groups” of people the ability to share photos in an album. People can then password protect these albums.

The new service reportedly goes live on Wednesday morning.

I’m not exactly sure how this will work but I do think that there is potentially a great market for the company who can finally get group sharing right.

Lots of people belong to various organizations where they do not want to publicly share photos with the world. Think your kids kindergarten class, your high school reunion, your church, your fraternity, etc.

These organizations are well suited for photography but sharing group photos has never been easy. The biggest problem is that most sites require all of the group members to join a site in order to access a password protected area on that site.

What is probably needed is a site where only one person has to join the site and that person can then send out an email invitation with a simple link which will get anyone else (even non members from that site) into the group album for viewing and uploading.

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  1. TranceMist says:

    Shutterfly has had this for a while.

    I used it taking photos of my daughter’s basketball games.

    Alas, none of the other parents bothered to upload any photos of their own.

  2. JeffH says:

    This is certainly an area of functionality that is lacking at just about all photo sharing sites. Why doesn’t Zooomr take this as an opportunity to add much needed/wanted functionality to the site?