NYC Street Photographer Bruce Gilden

“All these people that I photograph, they are like my friends. I have no ethics. Anyone who gives you this ethics, I mean, c’mon, give me a break.”
— Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden is an in your face sort of street photographer who specializes in street portraits. Watch him work in the video above.

Thanks, cmiper!

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  1. Great stuff. His results are really impressive. He’s got cajones.

  2. JeffH says:

    I like his style. I’d love to see a video of his response to a security guard telling him he can shoot photos from the public street!!

  3. Miles W says:

    Yeah I can not believe him, that’s amazing. I barely have the confidence to ask someone if I can make a picture of them.. Haha. Great stuff, street photography is my favorite.

  4. PJZ says:

    I’ve seen this dude before and thought he was just some crazy guy.

    I now see this is true…but i like this stuff. 🙂

  5. Eric says:

    I love street photography, but I can never get in the mindset to do it – there’s a part of me that just feels too guilty about shooting people who haven’t consented to be photographed. But then, that’s what makes the results so compelling.

    (Which actually makes shooting in NYC incredibly difficult – I can’t point the camera anywhere without having faces in the shot. I wish I could just take his approach.)

  6. Brendan says:

    Amazing. Thanks for posting this.

  7. cat_aidg says:

    Ugh. What a horrible man. I like street photography quite a bit, but the whole creepy old man getting in your face with a camera is “unsavory” at best.

  8. ChiliMac says:

    On one side I wish I had “cajones” (as Jeremy mentions). On the other side, I have a feeling if he caught me on the wrong day I’d throw my ethics out too and his camera would be in pieces.

  9. Anonymous says:

    So, when is Brucey gonna keep it real and do his thang in East Flatbush? Lots of characters there.