Interesting Canon TV Commercial

Rob Galbraith DPI: TV commercial shot with Canon EOS-1D Mark III

From Rob Galbraith’s blog:

“TV stations in the U.S. recently began airing a Canon EOS Rebel XSi commercial with a twist: the majority of the 30 second spot was shot with multiple EOS-1D Mark III cameras for a powerful visual effect when the photos – shot simultaneously from different angles by ten different photographers – are sequenced together.”

Click through the link above to watch the TV commercial. It’s pretty cool.

Thanks, Tom!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! Now, think of two things. First thing, the fun in the processing. So many shots to tinker with. Secondly, and more importantly. Think of how much better those shots would be had they been shot with Nikon. Just sayin’.


  2. TranceMist says:

    Ha Ha! They probably couldn’t get any of the pros to shoot with the XSi, just because they favor their 1Ds. 🙂