I Can’t Forget

I Can't Forget

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  1. first of all this is a really nice picture.
    second, i follow your posts since a while and i really like your pictures, really. im actually getting started with photography and im about to upgrade my camera from a Nikon Coolpix 5400 to something better, and i want to make sure i have a cool lens this time 😉
    so i watend to see, if you dont bother, to get your advice on what to buy.. not only because i think you are a great photographer (what can be better than your personal advice) but also because im traveling to the US (im from Argentina) specifically to Pleasenton California, and then i will travel to San Francisco, so i guess you know whats the best camera for a budget arround 500USD to 700USD (and a begginer like me :P) and also where can i look for some good stuff regarding cameras on the place you live and know.

    you can check my site if you like 🙂


  2. print photos says:

    Mind if I ask what your exposure time was on that shot?

  3. Compulsion says:

    @print photos
    If you click on the image you will be brought to it’s page on Flikr. From there, in the bottom right there is a “more details” link, which will bring you here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/2494849618/meta/

    From there you can see that it was an exposure of 5s

    Hope this helps.

  4. Jeff says:

    Great shot, Thomas. I love the way you use angles to draw the eye into the photo – it’s something that I’ve tried to incorporate more in my photography (see? you’re an inspiration and you didn’t even know it!).

    @ignacio – nice pics! Especially with a point-and-shoot, though those Coolpixs do a nice job. Thomas is a Canon man and uses a 5D. In your price range, you would be looking at the Canon Digital Rebel line, with the latest model being the XSi (might be the 450D in Argentina). The camera and lens will likely be at the upper end of your price range, but you could go with the previous model (XTi or 400D) and still get a great camera. On the Nikon front, you’re looking at the D40/40x/60 line – also great cameras that would be roughly in your price range. I’d probably stick with one of these two name brands, but there are features with the smaller brands that might suit your style – built in image stabilization (Sony), small size (Olympus), etc., so do your homework to figure out what fits you best.

  5. print photos says:

    “@print photos
    If you click on the image you will be brought to it’s page on Flikr…”

    sweet, thanks, I didn’t know flickr had that feature

  6. print photos says:

    “If you click on the image you will be brought to it’s page on Flikr….”

    sweet, thanks, I didn’t know flickr had that feature

  7. War says:

    i havent found a website to thank jeff for the comment, i was checking those two cameras you mentioned, since i have been recomended to limit my self to those two cameras due to budget and because they are both great cameras (digital rebel xti and nikon d40)
    next week i will be at san francisco and i have checked on circuit city, they fit my budget so i only have to decide betwen those 🙂

    thanks a lot!

  8. Photo Larry says:

    great photo