FriendFeed vs. Twitter

FriendFeed vs Twitter

Food Chain (from wikipedia): Food chains, also called food webs, food networks and/or trophic networks, describe the feeding relationships between species within an ecosystem. Organisms are connected to the organisms they consume by arrows representing the direction of biomass transfer. It also shows you how the energy from the producer is given to the consumer.Typically a food chain or food web refers to a graph where only connections are recorded, and a food network or ecosystem network refers to a network where the connections are given weights representing the quantity of nutrients or energy being transferred.

Hey, wait a minute dude, that was wayyyyyy over 140 characters!!!!

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  1. Louis Gray says:

    Given that FriendFeed’s not all that big yet, maybe the truth is that this “whale” the Twitter guys are showing is actually inflatable. All FriendFeed has to do to take it out is a thousand pin pricks, causing it to deflate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m waiting for the new version of (a spanish GPL twitter clone)