FriendFeed Adds Rooms

FriendFeed Blog: Get a room!

Well the new features from FriendFeed keep rolling out almost every day. Today the site added a major new step in building their community, rooms.

Think of rooms like “groups” from Flickr. Users create rooms (both public and private rooms can be created).

From the FriendFeed Blog:

“A room is simple to set up: You’ll notice a new ‘rooms’ tab at the top of the page. Click it and you’re on your way to making your own room and inviting folks to it. You can make a room public so anyone can join it and participate, or you can make it private so only invited people can see it and become members. Whether you’re sharing something via the FriendFeed site or using our bookmarklet, you can now designate where you want it to show-up in FriendFeed. You can even choose whether you want stuff in a particular room to show up in your main feed or not. Thanks to rooms, my family has a place to brainstorm travel plans for my Cousin Sara’s upcoming wedding, and my Irish dance friends can discuss the merits of different dance shoes without cluttering up everyone else’s FriendFeed.”

Rooms address the issue where FriendFeed users want to talk about niche or other specific things without having those things appear in their public feed. It’s a smart move on FriendFeed’s part and will make the site that much stickier and more addictive.

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  1. Cybasumo says:

    Hey! nice blog! thanks for sharing everything!

  2. TranceMist says:

    So now we have web-based irc, albeit centralized.