Erica Jumping on a Sofa in Mid Air with Guitar and Daliesque Halsmanish Cat in the Air by Merkley??? on My Sofa, Buy This Cat’s Book!

Erica Jumping on a Sofa in Mid Air with Guitar and Daliesque Halsmanish Cat in the Air by Merkley??? on My Sofa, Buy This Cat's Book!

Hot Donkey!

Look what just showed up in the mail at my house!

Yep, yep. That’s right. Merkley’s magnum opus and first edition book of nudes 111???. You mean the same Merkley that the New York Times Magazine profiled last weekend? Yep, the very one.

The book is a limited edition release, numbered and signed by the main man himself. Take it from Thomas Hawk folks, your virtual online art advisor and curator, this book is art and you’d best buy one now for $111 before there aren’t any more left and you have to pay $1,111 for your copy on eBay.

Certainly what you are buying with this book is the art. Fine art. But aside from that, hands down, this is the highest quality self published fine art book I’ve ever seen. Someday when Thomas Hawk does his own book I’ll be going to Merkley to find out who the hell printed such a beautiful work of art.

I’ve seen a lot of self published books and this book is no self published Blurb sort of thing. This book is indistinguishable from one that you’d find in the SF MOMA bookstore — except rather than having photos by Lee Friedlander in it, it’s got photos by your one and only Merkley in it. But mark my words folks, as sure as Friedlander’s nudes are hanging right now as of this writing in the SF MOMA, it’s only a matter of time before you see Merkley’s photos right up there on the 5th floor where Friedlander’s nudes hang today.

And when that happens you’ll be able to say to the that hot little number on your arm at the swank museum on a Tuesday afternoon (because you only go to the SF MOMA on the first Tuesday of the month when it’s free as a protest to their no photography allowed policy, and even then you take renegade pictures like mad), yeah babe, I was into Merkley wayyyyy before these lemmings ever heard of him, hell, I’ve got his first edition book he ever did back at my 65th floor condo overlooking the Bay Bridge, wanna come check it out?

And then that hot, hip, beautiful thing on your arm (and it could be male or female, young or old, depending on what sex you are and which way you swing), will say, damn baby, you’ve got a first edition 111???, I’m so in!

More info on the book.

How many photos? 111 to be exact. 111 photos of naked women on sofas. And trust me when I tell you that these women look far, far, better in an oversized large format 11×14 fine art book than they do on Flickr. Some women have guitars. Some women have cats. Some women have tattoos. But all of them are on sofas. And all have their portrait and a personalized page for their names. That’s 222 pages in total. This book is thick, heavy, and full of great art.

Check out Merkley’s Blog here. Check out his Flickrstream here. And buy this man’s book before there are not any copies left. He only printed up 1,111 copies.

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  1. Yeah, I agree. I got my book a couple of weeks ago, and was surprised by the high quality of the printing. I was expecting more of a self-published feel, but this thing feels like it came from a museum.

    Get one before they’re gone…

  2. merkley??? says:

    Hey fellas,
    Thanks for the HYPE — people are gonna think i paid you :)…

    About the printing:
    When trying to find sources I googled the universe until I found out who printed my favorite books and then went directly to them. They accommodated me on my varnishes and metallic inks and oversized format. So basically what you see comes from the same place as those museum books which is why it doesn’t feel like a blurb book.

    But I am in no way talking shit about blurb.

    On demand publishing couldn’t be a more solid concept and I am really happy to see publishing moving in that direction.. it IS the future. But, for now, there are still some years left before they will be able to offer the bingbangWOW quality of traditional presses because so many of the little tactile details have to do with varnishes, different papers, SIZE, etc… I hope the industry senses the need for all the little bells and whistles found in traditional printing. I think for the publishing/print world to REALLY thrive in the digital age, they must offer an experience and product that simply CANNOT be had in the digital world and that means stunt printing and the creation of purely non-downloadable hunks of OHYEAH.

    I hope it happens — but even if it doesn’t, if one builds a decent sized viewer base, the old way still works pretty effin good. It’s really not THAT difficult to get it all together, I mean I did and some say I have Down’s Syndrome.

    Anyway, you and I are on the exact same page with regards to DIY and the whole dismantling of the art establishment. With the success of my opening show and sales with a zero budget for ads I’m all too happy to share the victory with the entire DIY ethic and DIYers all over the place. I thank (sniff) all the other DIYers out there for just existing (sniff) and keeping that energy alive. Hopefully my experience might serve to support the notion that one can go it alone, do it exactly as one wishes and be a happy little retard (sniff, snot).

    We artists live in the fuckyouest of times.

  3. paul burd says:

    Cool! You convinced me.

    I’m a big fan of Merkley’s images and I’ve been thinking about buying the book ever since the opening at 111 Minna. I hesitated because it’s a little out of my art budget and I was worried about the quality (of the book, not the art). But, with this glowing recommendation, I took the plunge. I can’t wait for my book to arrive!

  4. purchased! Even the shipping is 11.11

  5. received, this is fantastic. number 573!

  6. Great words there – I’ve had mine for a few weeks, and paged cover-to-cover through it several times already, which means I depreciated it, I guess….

    “We artists live in the fuckyouest of times.”

    Best. Quote. Ever.