CameraPorn: 60 Photography Links You Can’t Live Without

60 Photography Links You Can’t Live Without at CameraPorn

CameraPorn has a nice round up of 60 photography related links (including a mention of that is worth checking out.

I always like lists like this because even though I’m frequently familiar with many of the sites, I almost always find new sites worth visiting and subscribing to as well.

I’ve been meaning to do one of these lists myself now for a few months. Maybe I’ll get around to that at some point… then again, I’ve got 400 shots from a recent trip to L.A. that are staring at me waiting to be processed. 🙂

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  1. Ryan G says:

    Thanks for the link back! Next time you are in LA shooting lemme know! We’ll put together a photowalk.

  2. Woah! TH, I can’t believe that I’m in that list. No way!

    @Ryan G, I’m in SoCal too, let’s plan a photowalk!