Where Are All the Goddam Photos??

A Photo Editor – Where are all the goddam photos?:

Photo Editor Rob Haggart on the future of the photography business:

“I blame the photographers and publishers equally for clinging to the old way of doing business and not innovating something new, but it’s the photographers that stand to gain the most from creating a new way of reaching consumers and bringing advertisers along for the ride. If we all just sit around with our thumbs up our ass because we can’t do anything with photography without getting paid I’ll guarantee you one thing. The publishers will figure it out for everyone and they’ll happily keep the 1.6 million dollar (from the example above) cut they already get every single month for every single magazine they produce.”

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  1. TranceMist says:

    I used to think that I wanted to get my photos published.

    Then I did some research and realized that getting published, at least in the mainstream press, would for the most part require that bend to their needs, their requirements, their tastes, their desires and most of all, want to do business with them.

    Then I realized that I enjoy photography for myself. I enjoy not having to meet anyone’s requirements other than my own.

    I take pictures for myself.

    I love the freedom of not caring if some editor or publisher likes them or not.