What Was Felt

What Was Felt

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  1. bugs says:


    I really like this photo, it almost looks like a painting 🙂

    BTW, since I saw your previous photo of the homeless guy, you inspired me to attempt blogging one photo a day and give a bit of context on how the photo was taken.

    Probably not such a ground breaking idea, and def not always meaningful stories, but in case you are interested here is the URL

    Thanks for the great photos you keep showing us!

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Beautiful photo of the day (as with all your photos!) I just came across your blog when searching google for “how to get your photos noticed in flickr”–I have had some decent activity so far on flickr–well, for being relatively new–but was curious to see what others did and low and behold your blog came up. I’m going to link this to my blog, so I can access it daily. (I am one of your Flickr contacts already, which I thought was kind of cool!) I liked your suggestions, I’m trying to get my blog noticed, but it’s been a slow process! I wonder if I should put my link under my photos on flickr? I also like the idea of blogging a photo a day! I may start that!

    Thanks for all the tips and your photos are great!!


    http://amysinsight.blogspot.com It’s definitely a work in progress–I think I need to come up with more engaging things to write about!