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Robert Scoble has a great write up on our Thurs/Fri trip that we just got back from up in Yosemite visiting with Michael Adams, Ansel Adams’ son. Robert’s also got some of his photos up in his Flickrstream from our trip. I think my favorite is one of me that Scoble took with my 14mm ultra wide angle lens. Scoble literally had half his body out of the car to get that shot and I kept worrying he was going to fall out of the car entirely. Anything to get the shot.

I published one photograph the other day as an Ode to Ansel Adams on Flickr — but will probably end up with about 150 in total from the trip. I started my editing process earlier this morning but still have quite a bit of work to do. Watch my Flickr and Zooomr streams over the course of the next week and you’ll probably see a lot more.

I’m going to do a much more detailed write up on my own thoughts on our time with Michael Adams and his father’s legendary photography in the next few days. I’m still formulating a lot of my thoughts about the trip but suffice it to say that it was an amazing treat.

Getting to go to the famous spots in Yosemite where Ansel made his photographs and listen to his son annotate about the locations was one of those once in a lifetime experiences.

Robert has already published a bunch of the ad hoc video that we did on the trip broadcasting live on Qik. Interestingly enough the cell phone reception almost 8,000 feet up in the sky at the top of Glacier Point was fantastic. Robert said that when we broadcast live on the internet from atop Glacier Point that this was the first time in history that this had been done. I’m still scratching my head on why my AT&T; iPhone reception was far, far, better atop Glacier Point than it is in downtown San Francisco.

There will be a much more professional and polished video of the trip coming up in the next few weeks for a new photography video show that we are working on called PhotoCycle.

Speaking of PhotoCycle, it’s going to be an exciting new photography video series. It’s going to include interviews with famous people in photography, tips and tricks on how to get your own photography even better, episodes about the business side of photography and lots of exciting new photowalking episodes where we take you to new and exciting places with photographers to discuss this thing that so much of us love.

Marc Silber
, a professional photographer who went to art school with Annie Liebovitz is going to host the show. Rocky Barbanica is the executive producer. We are still looking for a corporate sponsor for the show so if you know a company who might have an interest in a show like this drop Robert, Marc or I a line. It would be a great way for the right company to get a ton of exposure with photographers all over the world.

You’ll hear a lot more from me about our visit with Michael Adams over the course of the next few days. There were so many highlights. Getting to go up to Glacier Point (which is closed off to the general public right now) for a private taping session, dinner with Michael in the historic Ahwahnee Hotel dining room, getting Michael’s views on what his father would have thought about today’s new digital photography, and so much more.

The photo above, by the way, is of my wife who not only was my model but did a great job making sure we were all well fed and organized.

Coincidently, the NY Times also is running a front page article on Ansel and his photography.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Looking forward to seeing more about this PhotoCycle series. I peeked in on the Qik streams periodically and thought the experience of getting some insight from the family of such an influential photographer fascinating, though an edited, polished form will likely be all the more worthwhile to watch. There is something to be said for the experiences had that special arrangements and relationships provide.

  2. pixeldose says:

    I must say the video quality from the cell phone was quite amazing. May I ask what brand/model this cell phone is?

  3. It’s a Nokia N95.