Ryan Brenizer Reviews the Nikon D3 on TWIP

Ryan Brenizer

TWIP � TWIP Podcast Episode #14 Nikon D3 Talk

Ok, well I’m about two weeks too late on this, but I just finished my evening swim and just finished listening to TWIP (this week in photography) podcast episode 14 and have to say that Ryan Brenizer’s review of the high end Nikon D3 is the best review that I’ve read/seen/listened to yet.

Ryan does a great job going over the pros and cons of this hot new professional camera from Nikon and if you are at all considering upgrading to the D3 you should definitely check out this podcast.

I had an opportunity to spend a bit of time with Ryan in December on our New York photowalk. He’s a professional photographer and a tremendous resource for information. He’s now also blogging for Amazon and his blog is definitely a photography blog worth following.

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  1. Thanks, Thomas! I definitely had a great time on the show, and hopefully will be back on as time allows.

  2. TranceMist says:

    Thanks for the link.