Photo Essay on Death

Life Before Death at the Wellcome Collection | Society |

An interesting photo essay over at the Guardian by German photographer Walter Schels and his partner Beate Lakotta who photographed and interviewed people on the day before and the day of their death.

Thanks, Grow-a-Brain!

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  1. schauba says:

    I saw this too. I put it on my FriendFeed but forgot to blog about it. I think that the really edgy part of the project was the interview and history of the subjects.

    Some of the comments the subjects made really reminded my not to just sit here idly and watch the world go by. It might not be there tomorrow so make it count while you have it.

  2. Thanks for linking to this Thomas – very interesting.

  3. You’re slightly mistaken on the dates, the before pictures are not the day before, but a week to several months before.

    But it certainly is a sobering collection.