Leilani and Dale Neumann May Be Headed for Prison

ABC News: Homicide Charges for Parents Who Prayed as Daughter Died

A few weeks ago I blogged about the case of Dale and Leilani Neumann who prayed for their 11-year-old daughter Madeline rather than give her medical attention that she needed. Madeline died from diabetic ketoacidosis. According to Fox News she probably suffered from “nausea, vomiting, excessive thirst, loss of appetite and weakness,” for a 30-day period before she died.

Well it looks like the Marathon County District attorney in this case is doing the right thing and has charged Madeline’s parents with second-degree reckless homicide. They face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

I think that it is important that they are convicted and hope that this case serves as an example to other parents that there is a legal and moral obligation to seek medical attention for a sick child.

More from the article on Madeline:

“Madeline, a straight-A student who was being home-schooled, was in good health until she started getting tired about two weeks before she died, her mother has said. When the situation got worse over Easter weekend, “we stayed fast in prayer then,” Leilani Neumann said. “We believed that she would recover.”

According to a search warrant request, the girl’s grandmother told investigators she had been ill for several days, was “very tired,” and wanted to be held by her mother. By March 22, Madeline couldn’t walk or talk, her grandmother said.

The grandmother said she told Leilani Neumann to take the girl to the doctor but the mother said her daughter “would be fine and God would heal her,” the court record said. “

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  1. It is a very sad case that the Neumanns were obviously praying to the wrong God. I do not know for certain if the false god was that of Mormonism, of Jehovah’s Witnessism, or even the false “Allah” of hateful Islam.

    What is true is that the Neumanns failed to raise the glorious name of the One True God, and Jesus Christ His Son, and to observe the Bible as God’s Word. Even a contribution to the fine work I do at http://www.movieguide.org or to the Christian Film & Television Commission, of which I am founder, might have saved their child’s life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Damn, right! Throw the freakin’ book at ’em! Hard!!!

    No punishment is too extreme for those religious nutjobs. The world would be a better, more civilized place if religion wasn’t a part of it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The most extensive double-blind study of the power of prayer to cure or assist in healing of others..has shown it does not have magical powers.
    Prayer, like meditation can help an individual deal with his/her OWN challenges perhaps but not heal anyone ELSE…. It is the heighth of arrogance and very irresponsible to bet the life of your child on your own ability to get God (ANY GOD or spirit ) to heal her because of YOUR great faith and YOUR prayer.
    The Neumanns should have, if they wished, thanked God for the commonsense to take their child to get the medical help she needed and the great fortune to be living in a nation and time where they could get her help. There are many in this world right now who cannot get to a doctor though they have dying children who need help. The Neumans might want to consider how many children die regardless of prayer due to not ignorance or arrogance but to simply being poor or in a village without a doctor much less a good medical facility.

  4. Wendy says:

    teddy baehr is another nut case.
    Which God ??? How many does teddy think are out there? Well, for his info, the Neumanns are fundamentalist Christians just like teddy. DUH.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yo, God gave you a brain – use it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well, at least their daughter no longer has to deal with her parents.

    I’m sure they will now “Burn in the fires of hell for aaallllll eternity!” And don’t they deserve it.

    It’s 2008, in the United States of America. I’d say there is no excuse for people to allow themselves to be hoodwinked into believing that anyone has a link to a god. Least of all the likes of Ted Baehr, who is so reprehensible that he has the gaul to use this tradgedy as an advertisement for contributions to his brand of faith. Disgusting!

  7. Sam says:

    Someone please remove the comment from Dr. Ted Baehr. Some gullible sap might actually buy into his garbage.

  8. Anonymous says:

    They can breed, but do they know anything about duty of care? Freedom of religion to some people means freedom to kill by neglect. The father said he would do it again. Why aren’t the children taken away? Texas took away children that got pregnant, but Wisconsin doesn’t take away children that may end up dead.

  9. Celine says:

    Sam, I profoundly disagree with the person signed as Dr. Baehr, but I don’t believe censoring him is the right thing to do, either. I can’t speak for Thomas, but what I know about him leads me to believe he’s no fan of censorship, either.

    As for “false gods” as he wrote, any religion could be called hateful, if you judge it based on the actions of its followers. To single out those which disagree with your own views and calling them false and hateful is, in my opinion, going against the values of your own religion. Love thy neighbor, Dr. Baehr.

  10. Thomas Hawk says:

    Sam, I profoundly disagree with the person signed as Dr. Baehr, but I don’t believe censoring him is the right thing to do, either. I can’t speak for Thomas, but what I know about him leads me to believe he’s no fan of censorship, either.

    I don’t censor comments. I hope that people have the intelligence to look through all opinions no matter how wacky they might be and judge for themselves.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Baehr is the perfect example of why religion is the bane of humanity. “Believe the way I do or you’re WRONG.”

    No thanks. I prefer to think for myself. No fairy tale is going to lead my life for me.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well, I see the trouble. All that time asking for help, no time to accept any.

    They prayed for ‘God’s’ help, good on them. From the statement I read, God sent the kid’s Grandmother to tell them to take the kid to the doctor!

    What a terrible story, with such a simple answer. God talks through all of us. It’s up to you to be WILLING to accept the guidance.