Flickr Caves In, Agrees to Buy Free Donuts

Flickr: Discussing Okay, you guys win. in We Demand Donuts: April 16 is the Day of the Donut!

Yesterday I blogged on a Flickr protest group that was demanding free doughnuts from Flickr. The story was picked up by CNET’s and subsequently dugg over at digg.

Well it looks like the pro-donut crusaders have won at least this first battle. Matthew Rothenberg, a Flickr employee has agreed to buy any member of the “We Demand Donuts” group a donut at 11am in a to be determined downtown San Francisco location on next Wednesday, April 16th.

From Rothenberg’s post:

“While you have not yet reached your goal of 20K members, we at FlickrHQ have heard of your noble efforts and seek to answer your cries for justice.

Save the date: Wednesday, April 16th, 11:00am at a donut shoppe TBD in downtown San Francisco. I will purchase one (1) free donut for every We Demand Donuts group member who shows up.* (*While supplies last.)

This is not a joke.

Let glazed and jelly-filled freedom ring!”

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  1. Markus says:

    I joined the group yesterday. Who pays for the flight from Germany?


    Seriously 😉 who buys the ticket and books the hotel for a German student? Anyone? 🙂

  2. simonking says:

    What a chesse ball scapegoat. “I’ll buy free donuts!!!!!! but only for people in SF” what a fucking cheap scape. Yea um… how bout you give out coupons instead for donuts at winchells?? That way at least us in Santa Barbara can enjoy the free donut bliss. But no!!!!! donuts only for people in SF…I hope 20,000 people show up and put you out of a job cheap flickr man.