BBC Article on More Photographer Harassment

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Innocent photographer or terrorist? Lloyd England just dropped me a comment with a heads up on an article over at the BBC about the increasing harassment that photographers are being subjected to in Great Britain.

Fortunately it does look like at least one politician, Austin Mitchell, a photographer himself, has taken up the challenge to confront the increasing hostility towards photographers in Great Britain.

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  1. I remember the Met asking me why I was taking a picture of the Charlie Chaplain statue by Leicester Square in London over Christmas. I told them that I was a tourist and we don’t have a charlie chaplain statue where I’m from. They were friendly and didn’t strike me as intimidating at all.

  2. Gary W. Thom says:

    This is getting silly, looks like I need to print out and laminate the laws governing photography, for the police!

  3. Hey Thomas (and everyone,)

    You’ll remember my story from last spring in San Antonio –

    Which you kindly linked to and covered. I found it funny that I had traveled through a dozen countries and the only time I got hassled was in the “land of the free.”

    And to prolific – I find your exchange with the Met odd. So, they were just checking to see if you’d tell them you were a terrorist?

    Anyway Thomas, thanks for not letting this die. Keep up the good fight.


  4. […] BBC News Magazine story about increasing harassment of photographers in Britain. (Tip from Thomas Hawk, who’s been all over this issue.) Quote from the story: “It’s a sad state of […]