And Still Yet More Photographer Harassment From Your Friendly UK

UK photographer chased down and detained for taking pix at fun fair – Boing Boing Yet another post about yet another UK Photographer being unfairly harassed by UK policing.

Is it any wonder that photographers are being turned in left and right with the “brilliant” new campaign targeting photographers by the Metropolitan police.

Photography is not a crime. One more reason (besides the weak dollar) to stay away from the UK this year.

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  1. John Conners says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs that the UK (certainly in the bigger cities) seems more state-controlled and paranoid than Orwell’s view in 1984. When I read 1984 at school 20 years ago I’d never have believed we’d end up here.

    I think I’ll stick to landscape photography – the sheep and fields don’t tend to call the police or set misinformed security guards on you.

    I do wonder at the effect this sort of ‘everybody under suspicion’ behaviour will have on UK tourism…