Adobe Updates TOS for Photoshop Express

TWIP has a post out on Adobe updating their TOS for their new online Photoshop Express product. Initially some photographers had been concerned because the previous terms of service with the online service suggested that you were signing over rights of your photos to Adobe by using the service.

Adobe’s TOS now reads:

“Adobe has retained only those limited rights that allow us to operate the service and to enable you to do all the things the service offers,” the company said in a statement. “If you decide to terminate your Photoshop Express account, Adobe’s rights also will be terminated.”

By relaxing their TOS and adding a clause into the agreement that Adobe’s rights cease if a user terminates their account this gives photographers a lot more protection with regards to using the service.

I haven’t actually used the service yet myself. I tried to sign up for it but the site kept returning blank pages. Could be a flash issue. Hopefully I’ll be able to try it and report back at some point in the future.

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