Well It Looks Like I Might Get to Vote for Mike Gravel for President After All

Not my party: Gravel bolts – First Read – msnbc.com

It looks like Democratic Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel is leaving the Democratic party and joining the Libertarian Party where he “hopes to continue his presidential bid.”

Gravel, of course, is more likely to pull more votes away from whomever the Democratic presidential candidate happens to be as opposed to the Republican candidate.

I’m glad to see Gravel stay in the fray of things and hope his ideas, including legalizing marijuana, continue to get attention in his run for President.

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  1. matt says:

    I’m glad to see that the legalization of pot (something that wouldn’t happen anyway even if Gravel were to become president) is more important to you than having the senile McCain be our next president…way to go!

  2. Lets hope the Libertarians try not to cash in on his marginal notoriety and reject him as their candidate.

    It’s a shame that he’s so desperate for continued attention that he’s willing to jump to another party to try to hold on to a few more lumens of limelight. Perhaps he and Ralph Nader should move to Massachusetts and get married, it’s bound to make the news.

  3. I’ll say this: if people would vote according to their conscience and not just for the “most electable” suit we might have a chance at some decent leadership in this country.

    McCain and Obama talk different talks, but they both walk the same walk: they are career politicians.

    I have little in common with Gravel, but I respect the man because he is consistent and honest – and consistently honest. Given the chance I’d vote for him over any of the front runners.