Two Oakland Men Arrested With Loaded Assault Riffles

OAKLAND / 2 arrested on gun charges at memorial

Last week I blogged about an unfortunate incident where the Oakland police shot and killed a 15 year old boy when the boy allegedly pointed a sawed off rifle at them while on patrol in East Oakland. The boys name was Jose Luis Buenrostro.

And now there is more news out that at the street memorial where the 15 year old was slain police have arrested two men for possession of loaded assault rifles.

“Marco Mendez, 32, was arrested about 3:10 a.m. Sunday while standing on the 7800 block of Rudsdale Street in East Oakland holding a loaded AR-15 assault rifle, said Officer Roland Holmgren, a police spokesman. Mendez tried to flee but officers chased him down, Holmgren said.

At the same time, Holmgren said, police arrested Andre Piazza of Oakland after officers found a loaded AK-47 assault rifle with a high-capacity magazine on the front passenger seat of a Nissan Maxima he was driving. Piazza, 26, had asked officers to move their patrol cars so he could move the Nissan, Holmgren said.”

One of the men arrested was on probation with ties to a local street gang and the other was on parole.

The question now is what will happen to these two criminals? Will they spend more than 6 months in jail? Ought gangsters be allowed to walk around with loaded AK-47s on the streets of Oakland and then get a mere slap on the wrist? Personally I hope that they throw the book at these two.

Police spokesman Holmgren is quoted as saying that these two will “probably face federal gun charges.” I hope that this is true and I hope that the charges carry with them very long sentences.

Only when the message is sent that illegal guns won’t be tolerated in Oakland will we begin to see a reduction in the murders that these illegal guns are causing.

Thanks to the Oakland Police Department for arresting these two and getting them and their guns off the street.

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  1. I want to start with an affirmation of your recently hightened passion for the crime and punishment involving your community. Not always agreeing with your political opinions, I think I know where you’re coming from and understand your motivations.

    This post continues to make us aware that our rehab oriented culture has harmed our understanding of punishment. Nicely done.

    I would like to point out one thing, though. Word-choice is vital, especially with the size of your audience.

    “…where the 15 year old was slain…”

    I think you chose the wrong word here. Being a law enforcement officer, I take some offense to the use of that word. As unfortunate as any death is, especially a young one, I think we need to understand that there are always consequences for our actions. If you point a gun at a cop, you’re going to get shot. Probably killed. In fact, based upon nearly all law enforcement policy, if you aren’t shot at and killed, they chose the wrong response. Every time you point a gun at a cop, you should be shot. There are consequences for our actions.

    The word “slain” is defined by Merriam-Webster as (past tense for):

    “slay: to kill violently, wantonly,…”

    There was no wanton killing. It was a deliberate, appropriate response.

    Thanks Thomas.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Good point Trevor, slain probably wasn’t the best word choice here. I meant it really more as an alternative word for killed.

    I do believe in fact that the police were entirely justified in the case of Buenrostro’s death. And I do agree with you that the police have every right to shoot to kill when someone points a gun at them.

    The death of Buenrostro is unfortunate for sure. But certainly justified.

  3. Right on Thomas! Thanks for the clarification.

    So, we agree that we agree, Great!

  4. -gary says:

    There are no federal gun laws the two could be charged with, except NFA violations if the so called “assault rifles” (whatever that is supposed to mean) were “machine guns” (another wonderful word invented by the government). Seeing that a registered AR-15 goes for around $13,000 and that it is doubtful that your common street thug would be able to convert one, I don’t see any NFA violations coming.

    There is a wonderful (<- sarcasm) law in the PRK banning all "assualt weapons" that they could be charged with, but that is state, not federal.