The Photography of Vicky Slater

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Spent some time this afternoon going through Vicky Slater’s photography. And what a treat that was. If you haven’t checked out her work yet, you definitely should.

Vicky, who goes by sweetdistin on Flickr, has an amazing way with color and composition. She shoots film and she shoots a lot with a Hasselblad. It’s her abstract stuff and her portraits that stand out the most for me.

With much of her abstract work I found myself wondering if this might not be the sort of thing Rothko might have come up with if his tool was a Hasselblad instead of canvas and paint.

Her portraits are equally outstanding. Maybe it was that I was listening to Dinosaur Jr.’s fantastic album “Where You Been,” while I was going through Vicky’s photostream on Flickr, but I could have swear that I’d seen her work associated with their music before. I know I’m wrong, but it just had such a feel to it for me that I associate with that band. Beautiful portraits of her daughter and other children that make you just move into that sort of etheral place with photography.

I’ve been really getting into photography books lately (which I’ll blog about more later). Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time absorbing a lot of the world’s best, W. Eugene Smith, Annie Leibovitz, Stephen Shore, Richard Prince, Richard Misrach, Glen Friedman, Richard Avedon. It’s funny that I found myself as inspired going through Vicky’s photostream today as I find with many of these other worldly famous names.

Check her out.

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  1. vicky says:

    wow, thanks so much, Thomas!!
    it’s really appreciated.

  2. Mike Wood says:

    Her stuff really is great. The vibrant yet soft blues in her recent images are wonderful. She certainly has an eye. Thanks for posting about her. I will have to add Vicky on Flickr.