Politicians Are Liars

Rolling Stone : Lies, Damn Lies, and Mispeakings

I think Mike Gravel was one of the few politicians that I’ve ever watched who told the truth. Unfortunately, telling the truth never gets you very far in American politics.

Why do US politicians lie so much?

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  1. Gary Denness says:

    Lying is a tool of their trade and, just like any other industry, success depends entirely on ensuring supply meets demand.

    Should you blame the politicians? Partly, yes. The media? Them too, even more so in my opinion. The general public? Yup. You get what you ask for. If you want to hear that all is well in Iraq, and plenty do, there’s someone willing to tell you so.

    Could democracy survive, in practice not theory, without the dreaded lie? Probably not in my opinion.

  2. liela says:

    they are biiiiig liars.they promise to build bridge even if there is no river.what about palastine and iraq?