Flickr Video to Premier Next Month?

Flickr Video beta due in April | Outside the Lines – CNET Lots of reports out this morning that Flickr Video is imminent. Dan Farber over at CNET says that “coming soon” means that Flickr will launch their video offering “next month.”

Mike Arrington is also reporting that Flickr Video is close to launch.

It will be interesting to see how Flickr Video looks. Whether it will be something like a YouTube or something more like a Vimeo.

For me the challenge with most video sites has always been finding something aesthetically beautiful and interesting worth watching. This is why I don’t spend much time on YouTube beyond looking at music videos of some of my favorite bands.

Vimeo has always held more promise for me in terms of finding beautiful and interesting video, but one of my problems with Vimeo is that the finest video content still seems hard to find. The nice thing about Vimeo is that most of the video content there is actually self produced vs. simply copyright rip off stuff that you find on YouTube.

Certainly with a large critical mass and a strong recommendation algorithm Flickr could have potential in delivering authentic, self produced, beautiful, interesting and relevant video. On the other hand, if the site gets filled up with the same mediocre type of video that you find on YouTube, not only might they have a big copyright problem, but it might also tarnish the fine art gallery type of feel that the site has today.

I think it’s a lot easier today for great amateur photographers to put out high quality photography than it necessarily is for great amateur videographers to put out high quality video. Hopefully I’m wrong on this though and when Flickr Video is launched a lot of authentic self produced interesting video is able to rise to the top.

I do think it will be important for Flickr to introduce video in such a way that makes it unobtrusive for folks that don’t want to see video there. Mixing videos in with photos, for instance, might disrupt the experience for those who simply want to find beautiful photographs. It would seem to make the most sense to me to keep photos and videos very separate on the site, perhaps even giving users an option to “opt out” of the video experience on the site entirely if they so choose.

Microsoft of course was rumored to be coming out with their own photo/video sharing site to rival Flickr before the announcement of a Yahoo acquisition. It would be particularly interesting to see how Flickr photos/video might integrate with Media Center under a new Microsoft/Yahoo merger scenario.

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  1. Mike D says:

    I’m in agreement with you that Vimeo is doing some good things in this space. If Flickr can can delivery something like Vimeo (slick design, focus on original content, etc.) and apply the Interestingness algorithm to it so that people can easily find the good content, they might have some success with this. It will go nowhere if they just try to create a YouTube clone.

  2. MediaMisfit says:

    Content wise, it’s the internet so your going to have to sift through crap no matter what. As long as the search results work to some degree I’m fine. I rarely start at anyways. I usually go there through embedded videos on blogs.

    Right now I feel that flickr has done a great job with the IA of the site by keeping things clean. The only thing left I would really want is a blogging platform to integrate flickr photos more easily. Like WordPress. Until Yahoo bridges that gap I’ll figure out how to do it on my own.

  3. TranceMist says:

    April 1, maybe?

    YouTube’s video quality is so poor, and it’s resolution so limited.