Cool! New Vista Media Center Plugin — MyNetflix

Anthony Park :: 100% Geek Content by Volume � New Vista Media Center Plugin – MyNetflix (beta)

Anthony Park has a post out about a cool new Vista Media Center Plug in he has in beta called MyNetflix.

Most significantly it lets you use Netflix’s “Watch Now” feature in Media Center rather than in Internet Explorer (watch now doesn’t work in Firefox or natively on a Mac). It looks like this version extends all features to XBox 360 extender units *except* watch now (insert Thomas Hawk sad face here).

Hopefully though this plug in paves the way for getting “Watch Now” included in XBox 360 extender units soon.

From Anthony, Features included in this plug in:

MyNetflix features

* View your Netflix queue
* Browse movies by genre, top 100, new titles, etc.
* View your history and recommendations
* Add movies to your queue
* Remove movies from your queue
* Move movies to the top of your queue
* Browse “watch now” movies
* Play “watch now” movies

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  1. Xierox says:

    Awesome! I will be upgrading to from Windows XP Pro to Windows Vista later this year as well as re-activating my Netflix account (which I canceled during my senior year of college.)

    I was hoping that in the nine month break I took from Netflix that they would extend their Watch Now experience to WMC. Glad to hear this. 🙂

  2. Quikboy says:

    I wonder what took so long.

    WMC has a way for developers to make their own apps. on WMC for such a long time already. Only now are people starting to do stuff.