Your Finest Hour

Your Finest Hour

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  1. Very nice Mr Hawk. Is there some HDRism at work here?

  2. Jose-Miguel says:

    Super lighting. I love the shot.

  3. the marquise de sade says:

    Thomas Hawk, imagine how upset I was to visit your blog and find all broken links to your Zooomr images! And to think I was going to open a Zooomr account today!


    One wonders if this has some psychic connection with the turmoil in the financial markets today? I can imagine you are a very busy bee today.

  4. Celine says:

    One of the file tracker machines died at Zooomr, which is what caused the photos to take an unscheduled break. They just came back online, apparently. Cool. Viva la Zooomr. 🙂

  5. g says:

    this is just temporary. Zooomr is moving across the sea.