WMP11/Vista Problem

Was hoping some Vista/WMP11 experts might be able to advise on the following problem.

When I use Windows Media Player 11 and insert a disc to rip to my hard drive, WMP has stopped auto recognizing the discs and filling in the meta data. Instead the album shows as “Unknown Album.”

If I right click on the album and select “Find Album Info” it shows me the best match. I select the best match and then click “next,” but the rip panel still shows the album as an “Unknown Album.”

I’ve restarted WMP11 a few times and tried multiple CDs but it just won’t seem to recognize the album meta data associated with any of my CDs to be ripped.

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  1. barrettmanor says:

    Are these commercial CDs or burned media? WMP doesn’t always pull the data out of burned media.

  2. Sean says:

    Try two things:

    1. In Tools|Library, under Player, try “Connect to the Internet (overrides other commands).

    Also, is it possible that WMP is “seeing” other album art in the ID3 tags or similar of the file? By default it won’t overwrite. Under Tools|Library, I’m assuming you have “Only add missing information” selected?

  3. JeffH says:

    Tom, I’ve been using Cdex Ripper for almost 10 years. I’m quite happy with it. It rips CD’s using one of many free open source encoders, it correctly fills in the ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags from one of several free CDDB’s, you can customize the format of the file name, it’s Free. Here’s a link: http://cdexos.sourceforge.net/?q=features

  4. I’ve found WMP to be a little temperamental in this regard, but I no longer use it to rip CD’s as it’s too slow and low-featured for my taste.

    I have been using dBpoweramp:


    and I’ve been very, very happy with it. Hyperthreading/dual-core/dual-processor support, more codecs than you could possibly use, and multiple sources of metatag information.

    You can set WMP to auto-search your directories if you don’t want to manually add the files you’ve ripped, but I’d rather do it manually than have yet another process running all the time.

    Spending a little time with a package like dBpoweramp will demonstrate just how arcane WMP and even iTunes is at converting music.

    Oh, and dBpoweramp is Vista compatible!

  5. Charlie Owen says:

    1) Close Windows Media Player.
    2) Delete or rename the %userdir%\appdata\local\microsoft\media player folder. For example: C:\Users\charlieo\appdata\Local\Microsoft\media player.
    3) Launch Windows Media Player.

    Your content should start to automatically be added (and be correct). If it doesn’t start adding items to your library, check the settings in Library > Add To Library.

  6. ccoltmanm says:

    You can select “Apply changes” which will force the updated info to show. Otherwise, it takes its sweet arse time

  7. Anonymous says:

    nice one charlie owen this problem has bugged me for months!!! like everything in vista delete one little thing and problem solved. cheers mate!!!!!

  8. Wok says:

    Charlie Owen is THE MAN!