What Scoble Learned in 2007

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Robert Scoble has a well written post up on the things that he learned in 2007. A very personal, reflective and thoughtful list of life observations and suggestions.

I’ve always firmly believed that there are two major things responsible for Scoble’s success as a blogger.

1. He posts like crazy. Non-stop. And he’s most always thorough, detailed and insightful.

2. He blogs with an extremely high degree of personal transparency. It’s this personal side of Scoble that people get to know not only through his blog but through him personally as he makes himself very accessible to the world around him. You only need to read Scoble’s blog for about 2 weeks before you have a great deal of knowledge about most important aspects of his personal and professional life. This allows him to connect with his readers in ways that many other bloggers do not.

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  1. Scobleizer says:

    Wow, thanks Thomas, really appreciated! We gotta go out on a Photowalk, and soon!

  2. dale says:

    I read his blog for a week and then deleted him from my blog roll. He’s a tool with no insight, just a high opinion of himself.