Veronica Belmont Interviews Me for Mahalo Daily

The very delightful Veronica Belmont interviewed me for an episode of Mahalo Daily on some basic digital SLR camera tips which you can watch above.

For even more tips and thoughts on digital photography as a lifestyle also check out my post Principles and Guidelines for the Modern Photowalker.

Below is a shot of Veronica I took during our video shoot.

The Veronica Belmont Series, Plate 4

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  1. Nick says:

    Nice video and tips. However, this made me think… what hapenned with your “photo talking” videos project? If I remember correctly you had at least one filmed and were trying to edit it.

  2. Good job, Thomas! You looked good in front of the video camera…not nervous at all. 😉

  3. Daniel says:

    good stuff thomas

  4. Wirehead says:

    That’s funny. Last time I was on video, I took a picture of the videographer as well. 😀

  5. Anonymous says:


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