Trevor Carpenter’s December Challenge

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Trevor Carpenter is a talented photographer who among other things runs the domain.

Lately Trevor has been looking for new ways to inspire people with their photography and has been doing a series of challenges.

I have to say that his December Challenge was the most successful yet. For December, Trevor challenged himself as well as 35 other photographers to shoot and post a portrait a day during the entire month of December. And the results were stunning. Some of the best portraiture work around as a dedicated bunch of photographers shot everyone from their daughter to their grandmother to their best friend to the guy down the street to themselves.

Check out Trevor’s recap post on the Challenge linked above.

I always love seeing projects like this take place and if you like the project and the idea be sure to give the December Challenge a digg up over at digg here.

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  1. You rock, Thomas! Thanks for the mention and the encouraging words.

    It has been a real treat getting other photographers excited about their trade and skill. And to top it off, I’ve grown a whole lot through the process.

  2. The BenSpark says:

    I noticed you checking out photos from the challenge. Thanks for faving some of mine. I had a great time in the challenge.