North Dakota, The Emptied Prairie Photo Gallery

North Dakota, The Emptied Prairie Photo Gallery – National Geographic Magazine A great photo essay by photographer Eugene Richards on a North Dakota Ghost Town. Check out the photos in the photo gallery and read their accompanying descriptions. Beautiful.

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  1. basicmagic says:

    nice one, thanks.

    vincent, in buffalo

  2. trevor says:

    Great set of photos. It’s interesting, I’m from Northeast Montana and I recognize a few of these town names (Epping and Grenora, to name a couple); and while Grenora might be considered a ghost town to the “city folk”, it actually has a school. 🙂 There are a lot of ghost towns around this area, it’s neat to see the more interesting ones; thanks for the link.

  3. ojbyrne2 says:

    That last comment doesn’t make sense unless you’ve actually looked at the national geographic site where it says:
    “North Dakota ghost towns speak of an irreversible decline.”