How Addicted To Apple Are You

60%How Addicted to Apple Are You?

ghanit over at Zooomr posted this interesting quiz to Zipline earlier today. It’s a quiz to take to see how addicted to Apple you are. I got a 60% score. What’s your Apple addiction score?

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  1. dssstrkl says:

    64%! My Linux file server is sulking in the corner right now. What it doesn’t know is that its going to get replaced by a G4 tower this year. (The Linux box is >10 years old now 😉

  2. jm says:

    I took the quiz and it returned “You are 0% addicted to Apple!”. All honest answers…

    Guess that makes an the anomaly amongst your readers…

  3. Prakaz says:

    54%… i’m just a newbie 🙂

  4. Travis says:

    Jim, me too! 0%

  5. suden says:

    70% and proud to be a Mac-o-holic!

  6. imelda says:

    77% but feel it should be higher.. gotta work on that.