Facebook Disables Robert Scoble’s Account

Facebook disabled my account � Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

It looks like Facebook has disabled my friend Robert Scoble’s Facebook account. Apparently Robert was running some sort of script on the site and got a pretty terrible email from Facebook over it:


Our systems indicate that you’ve been highly active on Facebook lately and viewing pages at a quick enough rate that we suspect you may be running an automated script. This kind of Activity would be a violation of our Terms of Use and potentially of federal and state laws.

As a result, your account has been disabled. Please reply to this email with a description of your recent activity on Facebook. In addition, please confirm with us that in the future you will not scrape or otherwise attempt to obtain in any manner information from our website except as permitted by our Terms of Use, and that you will immediately delete and not use in any manner any such information you may have previously obtained.

We reserve the right to take any appropriate action in connection with any activities that violate our Terms of Use and/or applicable laws, including termination of your account and pursuit of legal remedies.

Please reply to this email.

Thank you,
Facebook Customer Support”

I think Robert was running some sort of script to scrape his social information from the site.

This pretty much sucks. Facebook should care more about their users and allow them the portability of data that they deserve.

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  1. Shawn Oster says:

    I don’t know any of the details as I stopped following Scoble quite awhile ago but Facebook does care about it’s *users*, plural. A single account that’s consuming a larger number of resources will more than likely impact a large number of other users. This would be the “good of the many” approach and I applaud it.

    Facebook also *does* allow users the portability of their data, just as long as you use their API, which works remarkably well and is heavily documented. If he was running an external scraping script then he’s probably against the EULA and if he’s running a real Facebook application then he needs to contact the vendor and let them know that their application sucks and that they need to fix it.

    The only real part here that could suck would be not giving Scoble any notice or chance to stop running his script. Other than that it’s fairplay.

  2. Ulricu says:

    Those social networking sites and providers of any kind with all their TOS take away the freedom. I fight all this dictatorship by simply using my own server. A server is offered by so so many providers and offers maximum freedom.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he should learn how to follow the rules. Scoble is not special and it’s not like he was forced to use Facebook.

  4. monaxle says:

    So your friend got pulled up on suspicion of breaking an agreement he freely entered into. The account was suspended pending his response to the charge. If he was breaking the TOS then he has been given the chance to make amends. If not then he can explain the activity and everything is rosy. Seems to me that Facebook are being entirely reasonable.

    TOS are not forced on anyone. If they don’t match what is wanted then don’t use the service. If you use the service anyway and break the TOS it’s a bit rich to whine about it if you get pulled up. Is Robert whining? I don’t read his blog.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Here is the Link to a useful CSV Facebook export app. The only bad part of the app that I can tell is that it doesn’t export AIM user names.