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  1. Paul says:

    I read your post on Apple Mac Leopard titled “Apple’s Leopard not as error free as it should be”.
    After reading the headline, one would likely conclude that there are “errors” in Leopard.
    It appears to be misleading to your readers. However, your blog talked about an issue with Flash not working with Leopard. You even quoted Kristopher Tate, Founder and CTO at Zooomr, who blames Adobe (the maker of Flash) for this.
    I’ve worked in the software industry for 20 years. I’ve written applications for many different operating systems.
    To be clear, it’s the application vendors (ie Adobe) that support the operating systems (ie Leopard), not the other way around.
    Leopard has been in “beta” and available for developers for a very very long time…especially since Leopard was originally slated to be released in the spring.
    If Flash is not supported for an operating system it’s a problem with Flash. I suggest you change the heading of your title to focus on Adobe, not Apple.
    Furthermore, application support issues are NOT an error in Leopard.
    I’ve run Leopard since last Friday night. Installation was simple (about 30 minutes). All of my applications that I cared about worked (albeit I don’t use Flash that frequently). Leopard is extremely FAST, secure and I haven’t experienced an “Error” yet. I also haven’t ever experienced a blue screen of death that is common on computers running Windows 2000, XP and even Vista that do indeed suffer from many errors.

  2. omg did you take this? Can we get wallpaper size? thanks

  3. Josh says:

    This is one of my absolute all time favorites!