An Update on Some of My Collections…

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One of the things that I do with my photography is develop collections. Lots of other photographers build collections of their own. My collections are constantly evolving, but at present there are four things that I am collecting more passionately than other things. 1. Neon. 2. Mannequins. 3. Graffiti. 4. Shots From Cemeterys. I collect plenty of other things as well (wine, toys, meta, etc. etc.) but these are four that I focus on. Much of my ambition around these collections has to do with some collage and collaboration work that I hope to focus on in the future. I make SmartSets of these images by tagging them on Zooomr.

Do you collect images this way? If so, what do you collect? Post the link to your collections in a comment to this post so that we all can check it out.

Periodically I like to update on my blog with regards to the number of shots collected for each of my collections thus far and so that’s what you will find below.

Thomas Hawk’s Big Ol’ House of Neon
(neon): 1,226 photographs
Beautiful Plastic People (mannequins): 213 photographs
The Best Art is Public (graffiti and murals): 404 photographs
The World Belongs to the Living (cemetery imagery): 276 photographs

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  1. My collection is on Starbucks stores! (The ones I “visit”)

    They are all geotagged so they can be seen on a map as well

  2. Hey! I love your collections. Knowing of your neon obsession, each time I see good neon, I think of you Hawk.

    Anyway, here’s my two collections:

    The October Challenge: (b&w; all month long)

    Door Series:

  3. Andrew Moore says:

    Street Art Collection:

    You’re really the one that got me into seeing street art as a subject to photograph after the Chinatown Photowalk and telling us how eventually it will be gone.. and no record will be found other than what we have as photographers.

    I love your collections, each day I can find a photo that i’ve never seen of yours and still be able to fave it because you have so many in your massive archive. I enjoy seeing all your collections.

  4. Great sets, Thomas!
    Here’s a few of my current obsessions:
    Two Wheels Meet The Road (bicycles) 59 photos
    All Neon Like (neon) 503 photos
    When Ya Gonna Ring It? (doorbells) 36 photos

    You get the credit for my neon obsession. I love to shoot neon. Thanks for the inspiration, and for the willingness to share your love of photography so openly.

  5. Glen says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your attraction to neon and cemeteries.

    Here’s my small neon collection:;=23

    My big favorite for collecting is trees:;=18

  6. Victory says:

    I collect cemetery shots, too! I was thrilled to see that I have that exact same angel on my blog!
    If you are ever in Alexandria, VA, the church George Washington used to attend has the most beautiful angel I’ve ever seen! I’d love to see how you shoot it!
    I also collect photos of stars & leaves.