F***ing Brilliant Article By a Harvard Professor on the Psychology of Swearing

TNR Online | What the F***? (1 of 3) (print) I love finding articles to read that make me think and challenge conventional thought and society’s norms.

Steven Pinker has an interesting article entitled “Why We Curse, What the F***?” from the New Republic.

Another interesting article I read today comes from Rich Cohen, who wore a Hitler moustache around New York for a week and then wrote an article for Vanity Fair about it.

Both articles found via Reddit.

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  1. Tor Håkon says:

    The censorship in the U.S amaze me. The so called ‘free speech’ doesn’t seem to really exist, just as in other conservative nations around the world.

  2. TranceMist says:

    The U.S. is so fucking conservative.

  3. Yuna says:

    hello thomas. what is your mail adress?? frem yunasuh

  4. peter k says:

    Very amusing. thanks for the links.

  5. Anonymous says:

    very good