Graffiti Art Documentary and Photowalk Friday, October 5th in Oakland

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Come on out and join us for a night exploring graffiti art and graffiti photography next Friday night, October 5th in Oakland.

The evening will start out with a free showing of the one hour documentary Piece by Piece in the garden at the Oakland Museum of California. There is also some great art to shoot there in that garden as well. Arrive early to shoot the art and get a good lawn seat for the film.

More on the film from it’s website:

“Take a journey into San Francisco’s mysterious graffiti underground. Witness the birth of the movement as told by the people that lived it. Piece by Piece puts you alongside the graffiti writers, police, and local San Franciscans affected by this misunderstood art form. Documenting the last 20 years of creation and destruction, you’ll hear the stories and adventures depicting this elaborate movement for the first time in history.”

There will be a Q&A; after the film.

Once the Q&A; is done we will head out from there to shoot some graffiti sites in Oakland. Bring your camera, tripod, flashlight, colored gels, and whatever else you’d like to bring for photographing graffiti at night. Photowalks are for everyone so even if you don’t have a SLR feel free to come out and hang out for a night dedicated to graffiti as art and photographing graffiti.

I’ve started a little set of my own of graffiti art and murals here. To see what is probably the best set around of East Bay graffiti art, check out Funk and Jazz’s East Bay graffiti set here. GypsyRock also has great Bay Area graffiti shots here. event page here.

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  1. Matt Roe says:

    I’m definitely there. Crazy photowalks Monday and Friday? Sounds awesome.

  2. Hi Thomas –
    I was directed to your site by a coworker of mine (he goes on the “photo walks”). Must say I’m a fan of your work.
    “Piece by Piece” is a great documentary. Hope to see you tomorrow night!