Self Portrait on Market Street, Plate 2

Self Portrait Series on Market Street, Plate 2

Yesterday when I was out shooting I found this *great* reflective surface on Market Street to shoot off of. It was this mirrory sort of material at the Old Navy in a window display. I shot through the window and captured a series of self portraits. The effect on this photo is natural, not created in Photoshop. It’s how this surface reflects back at you. I have more of these self portraits to upload and will go back there later and take more too. It felt like I was making paintings when I was shooting this reflection. I love finding things like this in the world.

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  1. Andy Frazer says:


    Nice self-portrait in the glass window. In this shot I notice that you were leaning your body to the side, and you were leaning your neck even further to the side to look through the viewfinder. I don’t know if you normally shoot that way or not, but I just wanted to warn everyone that long term this could cause trouble. For the thirty or so years prior to this year, I shot that way. Now, my neck is all messed up. I have to consciously force myself to keep my neck straight and vertical when I’m looking through the viewfinder, otherwise I get all sorts of neck problems later than night and into the following day.

    That’s one of the reasons that I’ve actually learned to appreciate P&S; cameras with full-articulating LCD screens. It opens so many new opportunities to easily shoot things that become tiresome with an SLR.

    Just something to keep in mind…

    Andy Frazer

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    good point Andy. And thanks for the comment. I actually pinched a nerve in my neck and wrecked havoc on my right arm for a bit. Still actually have a bit of tingling sensation in my thumb and forefinger over it.

    I’m so bad and sloppy with posture and all that but your right. It’s important.

    For a while I had this tennis elbow type thing going. I think it had to do with the fact that my camera was always in my right hand. Everywhere. But that’s much better now.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  3. mcdonaldmoonlight says:

    Thomas. I am on Zooomr due to viewing your website for sometime now after seeing your comments about Mac on Apple a few months back. Thanks. I really like your site. J