Recycle, Renew, Teach, Love, Repeat

Recycle, Renew, Teach, Love, Repeat

One of the things I did last weekend was spend some time teaching my kids more about recycling. We went on a couple of hikes out in Angeles National Forest where my parents live and on the hikes I had the kids bring plastic bags and we looked for recyclables while on our hike.

The kids love this. I’m not sure that they quite get the whole concept of recycling is good for the earth yet, but they do get the part about getting money when we turn them bak into the store.

On our hike we went through this amazing tunnel near my parent’s home. I grew up spending many hours playing in this tunnel. We always called it the bat cave because bats live in it. We played there and hiked back up into Ybarra Canyon as well. On both hikes both my boys came back bags full of recyclables that had been left behind in the National Forest by other people. This silhouette photo is of William holding his in the bat cave.

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  1. alan says:

    There is an article in the bbc about a new tool for scene completion using sites such as Zooomr or Flickr that you might be interested to know about.

  2. Have you thought of HDR-ing some shots? Some scenes such as the one above beg for it !

  3. Gary H says:

    The shot is great without HDR. It’s about the composition, not the detail.
    Anyway, glad to see you’re teaching your kids some respect – for the planet (recycling), others (cleaning up so others can enjoy the hikes), and themselves (without self-respect the other two are impossible).